Thursday, 9 October 2008


Thanks to Portuguese LLC reader Diogo Campos who responded to this recent post with a picture of another huge superhero tile mural in Lisbon...

It's not the clearest pic in the world, but if you click it you can make out a good smattering of DC and Marvel favourites. Interestingly (to me anyway) the artist seems to have used the Marvel Handbook: Book of the Dead and The DC Who's Who guide for reference. There's also some Amazing Spider-Man in there and, in amongst all the spandex, a stormtrooper. Top stuff. Many thanks to Diogo who is doing his best to track down a better photo for me.


There's a brand new video up on the official Watchmen site. Check it out HERE

If that's not enough Watchmen for you, you can listen to Dave Gibbons talking about the movie and the motion comic on Word Balloon. Host John Siuntres also has recent interviews with the likes of Jeff Parker, Jeph Loeb and Jonathan Hickman available for download.

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DC said...

Ya welcome Dom :D
There are more characters (I remember Joker and Batman when I went there a few years ago).
I'm not sure but I think the wall is "private property" of the Hotel so maybe that's why there aren't any photos out there.
I've asked for photos. Now, we'll have to wait for them.