Sunday, 26 October 2008

Black comics and Man Toys

I enjoyed the bejesus out of the last issue of Final Crisis and the Submit one shot which should be read immediately beforehand. Submit is the blackest comic I've read since I ploughed my way through the monochrome madness of Essential Power Man Volume One. Alright, so it's written by a bald white Scot, but all the main characters are Afro-American. There is one conspicuous white cameo though...

Maybe I'm just imagining it, but that fellow on the left looks a lot like the David Tennant incarnation of Doctor Who to me.

Anyway, Submit: not only the blackest comic I've ever read, but also the most straightforward Grant Morrison tale I've seen for some time. No tripped out mystery to this one, it's just a simple story about Black Lightning and the Tattooed Man fighting Darkseid's evil horde of brainwashed loons. Top stuff.

Final Crisis #4 was also relatively straightforward. The story seems to have moved into a different gear with this issue. Darkseid's finally shown up and it's become clear that the speed force is the antidote to anti-life. That aside, Morrison writes a mean Green Arrow. I've never really had much time for that character, but Morrison makes him a heroic, angry liberal. Much more interesting than the wimpy leftie I've always seen him done as. Good stuff.

Away from the comics I've been hovering over the ebay bid button on some of the new DC Arkham Asylum Heroclix figures. The Batman villain figures are particularly pretty man toys...

Oh they'd look nice on my shelf.

Because the line is new, people are asking silly sums for the rarer figures though, so I'll wait a while before wading in.

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