Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Shopping list

I've fallen behind on my reading again and find myself faced with another sizable stack of unread comics. I plan to make said stack even higher this week by adding the following...

Amazing Spider-Man #574
And now the LLC line on Venom: I'm an issue behind on Spidey. I hope we're all done with Venom now. Venom sucks nuts. That white Venom thing sucks nuts even harder. I just don't connect with the character, sorry. It's an old man who stopped reading comics in the 90s thing.

Captain America #43
So yeah spoilers and all, but Steve didn't come back. I'm fine with that. Absolutely fine. You know what though? I hope Marvel sticks with this new direction. Honestly, lets have Bucky's Cap for a good 5-10 years now. No copping out and bringing Steve back. Bucky's a good Cap. Let him breathe.

Criminal 2 #6
Fear Agent #24 1 Against 1 (Pt 3 Of 6)
Two of the finest books in the world and I'm pitifully behind on them both. I continue to buy the singles though and soon (VERY soon) I shall dedicate a whole day to ploughing through them.

Final Crisis #4 (Of 7)
Late! probably because JG Jones is struggling to meet deadlines. I see Doug Mahnke is taking over pencilling duties on some of the later issues. He's good and all, but I'm a wee bit worried that the change of artist is going to lend the book an inconsistent feel.

Final Crisis Submit #1
Given that I'm buying every fucking tie-in, I think it's safe to say that I have indeed submitted.

Superman New Krypton Special #1
I'm feeling used. I'm reading Superman and Action Comics, but now you're telling me that I need to buy this and Supergirl to understand what the fuck's going on? Bah! And another thing, the last part of the Braniac saga in Action (from which this whole New Krypton money spinner springs) wasn't half as good as everyone's making out. I mean Braniac got fucked up way too easily and as for Pa Kent - who cares? He's an old bloke in dungarees for fuck's sake! Booooring. Kill Ma too I say.

Unknown Soldier #1
I LOVED the preview that Vertigo did for this in the back of last month's House of Mystery. Great looking art and a new spin on the Unknown Soldier + there's a variant Rich Corben cover which I know is going to be ace. Rich Corben is magic!

I've also got the reprints of Bryan Talbot's classic Luther Arkwright on order from Amazon. I read these when they originally came out in the 80s and loved them. Looking forward to a good dose of nostalgia.


mr wheatley said...

ooh unknown soldier... i like a bit of war comics me!
what happened to that alternate ww2 invading japan one?

Anonymous said...

That would be Storming Paradise. Still waiting on the next issue. I'd definitely recommend getting the trade when it comes out as it's been great so far.

The Unknown Soldier is a reboot set in modern day Uganda. Looks really good from the previews.