Sunday, 12 October 2008

LLC recommends Minder

Best comic of the week? No contest, it has to be Minder, a little gem exclusive to London's finest shop Gosh!. To be honest I'm not sure there are even any left. If that's the case then I'm very sorry, I only hope co-creator LORD HURK makes some more copies available or puts it up on the web, because it's ACE!

Obviously Minder is a comic with limited appeal. If you've never watched an episode of the TV programme then there's really no point in you picking it up. If, however, you do remember the show then you'll love this affectionate send up.

Creators Janet Roque (who may or may not exist) and Hurk have refined and distilled the very essence of Minder into 19 glorious pages to produce nothing less than a missing episode. Alright, so it's a slightly surreal missing episode, but there's no doubt that Roque and Hurk (take note David Walliams) have nailed it. All your favourite characters are here...

Arfa & Terry


DS Chisholm

even Taff (or is it THE MOOG?!)

The story follows the familiar pattern of EVERY other episode of the show, which is of course what makes it so funny. Terry's birds, Arfa's dodgy merchandise, the inevitable punch-up - you get them all! Magic.

My one slight criticism is that Arfa never mentions "'Er indoors". Other than that I have nothing but praise for this comic. It's done so well that I can only hope that it's the first in a series of tributes to great British TV shows of the 80s. I can already imagine a Professionals, Gentle Touch and Dempsey & Makepeace comic done in the same style. Please, make it happen!

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