Saturday, 31 October 2009


A few things to remind you about...

There's a mart tomorrow at The Royal National. It should be a good one because it's one of those months when the dealers in rotting old English comics join forces with the purveyors of American tat to create SUPER-MART!

Yes indeedy chums, this means they open up the back room and fill it with disintegrating copies of 2000AD, The Crunch and Warlord.

Trust me, you don't want to miss this stink pit.

Info and directions HERE

Next weekend you need to cancel everything related to normal well adjusted adult life, because you have the opportunity to nerd it up all weekend. Saturday sees Eddie Campbell signing stuff at Gosh! (Details HERE) and a fantastic programme of events at The Comica festival (Details HERE). Sadly an old chum of mine has decided to have his stag do on the same day. Bah! I really, really want to go and see Bolland and Gibbons at Comica. Curses!

Never mind, I'll be back in comics action on Sunday the 8th. The morning sees the shutters open on the tomb of Fantastic Realm for one last time as they attempt to flog off everything which they haven't already shifted to the capital's comic dealing vultures...

I was in the shop yesterday helping clear things up a bit, and have already had my pick of goodies (Frontline Combat vol 1, vols 1-4 of 52, DC Goes Ape, couple of old X-Men and Alpha Flight issues) but I can confirm that there is still lots of stuff worth picking up, including heaps and heaps of recent American imports and a healthy amount of trades.

With your fire sale nerdsacks swaying heavily in the North London breeze, you can then hop the tube to Leicester Square and join me for a crack at Big Dave F's Nerdgasm quiz. Here's the MMA lovin' quiz master's press release...

Sunday, 08 November 2009
18:45 - 21:05
The Greenman & French Horn pub, St. Martins Lane WC2N
Every epic endeavour deserves a sequel… perhaps not as dark as The Empire Strikes Back or as shit as Robocop 2 but definitely a worthy second outing.
A second instalment that would satisfy even the Wrath of Khan, and stop a T-800 taking your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.
An action packed, adrenaline filled adventure like Aliens was to Alien. Replace the Colonial Marines with YOU, turn your assault rifles into writing implements and quiz sheets, and replace the Alien Queen with ME…. And there you have it!
Big D’s Nerdgasm Quiz II (The Sequel) It puts the lotion in the basket baby!
Comics, Sci Fi, Horror, Cartoons, Computer games and a dollop of nostalgia…
Be there or be…. Oh damn! You already are.

I'll put out another reminder for this next week. Hope to see you there!

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