Monday, 12 October 2009

Couple of reviews and stuff, innit!

Right-ho, let's give this a go shall we? Did some more ebay bidding yesterday and picked up The Age of The Sentry trade from the same geezer who flogged me the Ghost Rider and Patsy Walker books. Big Yay for the cheap comics. YAY!

Finished the Ghost Rider trade already and am now moving on to volume three of the Jason Aaron run. What can I say? This is good comics, people! Aaron's got this grindhouse vibe going on. Plenty of good dirty horror, healthy dollops of surreal Americana, some classic old villains, nun-chuck wielding nuns, machine-gun toting nurses and a whole new origin for the Ghost Rider which makes perfect, and frankly awe-inspiring, sense. It's Mondo Marvel with a capital M!

Artist Tan Huat does a nice job with the visuals. Everyone looks like they're possessed by snarling demon cats, all long faces and sharp scowls. It's a unique style that owes something to caricature, and reminds me slightly of some of those old MAD artists. As with any Ghost Rider story, one of the drawbacks is that there's only so many ways you can draw a flaming skull, but that's hardly Huat's fault. Next volume features Tony Moore art and I think I'll probably polish it off tonight.

Elsewhere, been trying to keep my eyes open during the current incarnation of Marvel Zombies. Don't ask me why I'm still buying this twaddle, the latest incarnation, Marvel Zombies Return, is utter toilet. Even the Van Lente issues are lame. Avoid it chums!

On the non-comics front, I'm very happy to see that Mr Wheatley's film Down Terrace followed up its triumphal premiere at Fantastic Fest with an award for best British film at London's Raindance Festival. I was lucky enough to see the film at Raindance and can confirm that it deserves all the accolades it's been receiving. Certainly the best/only take on middle class gangsters I've ever seen. It's a genre defying crime flick which features a strong cast, great soundtrack and is, I can safely say, unlike anything else out there. Funny, dark, claustrophobic, low-budget excellence. Here's hoping that all the awards lead to some sort of wider release.

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