Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Shopping List

So, owing to the death of Fantastic Realm, I'll be strapping on the old nerd sack and heading up west this week. Very light week for me, which is no bad thing as I'm waaaaaaaaaaay behind on my reading. Here's the list I'll be pinning to my shopping trolley...

Blackest Night Superman #3
I've really enjoyed this. Issue #2 ended on a hilariously awful note as Ma Kent emerged from a cornfield brandishing a torch and shouting "Let's Roll!" (or something equally as unlikely). I will read this and however appalling, I can guarantee you I'll lap it up.

Final Crisis Aftermath Dance #6
Oh fuck, this is silly. I've bought every single one of these Aftermath titles and have as yet read only a handful. Of course somewhere along the line I got locked into the cycle of having to get them because I'd already bought a few issues. Oh well, I expect I'll knock 'em off the stack one day.

From what I've read, Dance is a pretty cool comic, with Joe Casey taking Grant Morrison's revamped Forever People (The Super Young Team) and having a bit of a laugh about pop culture.

Supergirl #46
Behind, behind, behind. I do enjoy this Super saga crossover bilge when I get round to reading it, trouble is, I rarely do. I have some time next Monday and might use it to catch up, which will please my missus who thinks I'm going to be washing her kecks and doing the shopping.

Chew #5
You know the score. Top stuff.

Invincible Iron Man #19
Four or five issues behind. I've enjoyed it all though, so I keep picking it up. Like a cool combo of the Ellis Extremis story and the good bits from the film.

Garth Ennis Battlefields HC Vol 1
I probably won't buy it this week, but I will pick Battlefields up eventually. I'm one of the few people who can't be arsed with The Boys because I got bored of reading what a bunch of cunts Ennis thinks superheroes are after five issues. His war stuff, on the other hand, is usually top notch because he actually enjoys war comics. I've heard nothing but good things about this run and am keen to check it out.

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