Tuesday, 6 October 2009


A couple of old ice lolly ads for you...
An interesting attempt at a C3P0 and sandman hybrid which ends up looking like a bloke in a gimp mask. These lollies were later rebranded as Zooms. I believe you can still get them. They were my lolly of choice as a nipper. Yum!

Who doesn't enjoy sucking on a Warlord?

An awesome lolly crossover this one. King Kong wants those luvverly lollies, but the army say NO! and blow him to fuck with a barrage of starshells!

I want to live in a universe where lollies have to be transported in army convoys to protect them from lolly lovin' apes.

Scans from 2000AD Prog 73, July 15th, 1978.
As ever, you can click 'em to ramp up the nostalgia.

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