Thursday, 8 October 2009

I have no time!

Honestly, I don't. Full time fatherhood eats your life. I've read one comic this week. One. That's it. Read Mr Tickle a lot though. I've come to the conclusion that he's a cunt. Fucks the whole of Tickle Town up, so he does. Tickles the teacher until he's incapable of teaching. Tickles the greengrocer so hard that he falls into his produce, thereby ruining it. Tickles the traffic cop until the entire road system is one huge snarling traffic jam. Tickles the train station guard, wreaking havoc on the timetable in the process. Fucks up the post by tickling the postman until all his letters fall in a puddle. And what's his comeuppance for all this misery? Nothing. Fuck all. In fact, at the end of the book, he even threatens to creep into YOUR kid's bedroom and tickle them. What a nonce.

String the kiddie fiddling weirdo up by his long orange arms, that's what I say!

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Hurk said...

mr men as it should be- with the jowly timbre of the great Arthur Lowe.
I like to imagine that him and John le Mesurier were the same with each other in real life as they were in dad's army.
In a pompous rush of authority Arthur bustles in and bags the job to do the narration for the mr men series and is very pleased with himself.
This quickly turns to fury when he finds out that John has quietly and politely landed the job of narrating BOD!