Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Viz is 30 (nearly)

I keep hearing that Viz is 30, which confuses me slightly, as in the intro to my dog-eared copy of The Big Hard One, (which collects the first 12 issues), it says that issue 1 appeared in December 1979. Whatever, I suppose now is a good time to wish the esteemed organ a Happy Birthday.

I was a regular reader in the late 80s and early 90s, but like a lot of people haven't read an issue for years now. Perhaps I'll grab a copy this week to see if I'm missing anything.

Still love the early stuff. If you can get hold of The Big Hard One (fnnar, fnnar!) you should, it's brilliant and features My own favourite Viz strip of all time. It's only four panels, but I like it and always bring it up in pub chats about the comic. Here it is...

Still makes me chuckle so it does.

Scan from The Big Hard One, 1987. Originally published some time in 1979

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